18+ New Makeba Capcut Template Link 2023

Jain’s “Makeba” remix blends Spanish and English lyrics, gaining popularity on Instagram reels these days. It’s become a favorite for vlogs and cinematic transitions, boosting engagement and making reels trend. If you’re eager to craft your video using this catchy tune, you’ve landed on the perfect page.let’s acquaint you with 18 innovative Makeba CapCut templates, streamlining the video creation journey for content that not only catches attention but also holds the promise of going viral. Just choose your favorite template, and with a simple click, make your video uniquely yours. Happy creating! 🎉

Makeba Photo Collage

Makeba HQ Photo Transitions

Makeba 24 Images Trend

Makeba Portrait Vlog Template

Makeba Cinematic Vlog Edit

Makeba Flash Effect Edit

Makeba Travel Dump Edit

Makeba 9 Clips Vlog Edit

Makeba Zoom In Effect

Makeba Meme Edit


Makeba Capcut Template







Template Overview

Created byVaal Chavez
Clips required92
Source: Capcut Template

How To Use Capcut Template?

  • Upgrade your CapCut App to the latest version for a better user experience and increased engagement.
  • Browse through templates or explore the latest trends to find your style.
  • Click “Use Template on CapCut” and seamlessly transition to the CapCut app.
  • Select photos and videos for your creation and click Export.
  • Personalize your video content and export it in the format and resolution that suits your preferences.
  • For a watermark-free export, choose “Save and Share on TikTok.
How to use capcut templates?

If your country has restrictions on CapCut, using a VPN is essential. Before you choose Capcut templates, ensure your CapCut app is both updated and connected to a VPN. This guarantees a smooth experience as you browse through and utilize the various templates available.

How to use CapCut on IOS & Android

  • Start by getting the cool CapCut MOD app.
  • Open CapCut and begin a new project.
  • Select a fun video to show off your editing skills.
  • Go to the Audio section and choose a catchy tune.
  • Use the editing tools to make your masterpiece.
  • When you’re happy, click Export to share your creation with the world.

Final Words

Hey, everyone! Ready to make awesome videos with the Makeba Capcut Template from the awesome Vaal Chavez? If you hit any roadblocks or the link is being tricky, comment or message us. We’re here to help you out!


Back in 2015, Jain, the amazing singer-songwriter, dropped the catchy tune “Makeba,” and it was a game-changer. The song’s groovy Afro-pop beats and meaningful lyrics made it a global hit, turning Jain into a music sensation on the rise.

The mesmerizing music video, skillfully shot against the breathtaking scenery of South Africa, earned a rightful nomination for the esteemed Grammy Award.

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