8 New Split Screen CapCut Templates Link 2023

Ever wonder why certain Instagram videos become instant hits? Well, it’s all about the effects and beat transitions. Today, we’re unveiling the split screen CapCut templates – a cool way to split a photo into two or three parts and then blend them seamlessly, creating a puzzle-like video effect. We’ve even gathered the much-requested split screen template for a sneak peek below. And there’s more – additional templates for you to explore! To get started, click the ‘Use Template’ button, and it’ll whisk you away to the CapCut app for some video editing fun.

Split Screen CapCut Templates

Middle of the Night Split Template

Split Screen Beat Edits Template

Split Screen And 3D Zoom Effect Template

Hola Song Split Screen Transition Template

Split Photo Collage and Blur Template

4 Photo Split Screen Static Edit Template

5 Photo Split Screen Edit Template


  • Explore Capcut Templates Before Anyone Else!
  • Tailor Your Pick by Choosing the Ideal Template.
  • Tap the “Apply Template in CapCut” option below the template.
  • Voila! See as you’re instantly taken to your CapCut app, ready to harness the potential of your chosen template.
  • Start Crafting by Selecting Photos and Videos to Blend into the Template.
  • Hooray! Experience the Magic as your Video Comes to Life, seamlessly blending with the chosen template.
  • Final Touch! Save the End Result in your Favorite Format or Quality.
how to use capcut templates?

In case CapCut faces limitations in your area, it becomes crucial to employ a VPN application. Before making use of the given template, make sure your CapCut app is not only current but also securely connected to a VPN.

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